Monday, September 29, 2014

Meeting Changes???

So a little bird in the administration tweeted to me that the Provost's Council meeting is changing its structure to only include deans. I, of course, can neither confirm nor deny this given the fact that I was unceremoniously prevented from attending the last meeting. If true, this would free lower level administrators from the agony that is that meeting. Most often chaired by the Chief Plagiarizing Officer (CPO), this farce of academic bureaucracy has degenerated into nothing more than a weekly opportunity of university dress up. And if you wish to see the analysis of the plagiarism, feel free to visit our Google site. The link is on the right side of our main page. Reducing the number of people forced to witness her incredible incompetence is actually a blessing for those who have been tortured in those meetings, when not canceled, since July of 2013. Long serving members of that body, I am sure lament, the disintegration of professionalism in that office and must long for the days of Dr. Westbrooks unflappable leadership. What's worse than Henderson's incompetence on display is the sheer arrogance she exudes as she pretends to be a university administrator. I didn't think her wholly unsatisfactory performance as Enrollment Management Vice President could be surpassed, yet she has demonstrated fully and completely that she has no grasp of university administration, or the academic enterprise. I would hope that the rumors of her verbal mistreatment of subordinates are untrue as that would call into question her carefully crafted persona of meek and mild administrator about town. It could further lead to charges of the creation of a hostile work environment. I would hope that the inevitable depositions in the pending and upcoming lawsuits don't reveal a pattern of behavior like the one I witnessed having a door slammed in my face. Maybe with fewer attendees, actual work will get done in that office and it won't continue to be a black hole where paperwork goes in and doesn't come out. The Potemkin Village continues, a charade to be witnessed by all. 
On another note, thanks to all who have availed themselves of our email address, I won't be able to answer all of the messages, but definitely keep them coming. If you wish to share anything with us, please feel free.

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  1. No doubt what's going on behind that slammed door. They've got to get fabricated lies together for upcoming depositions. I don't know about any other deans, but I know firsthand Dean of College of Education S.Green & her Assistant Dean Kimberly Edwards told Department of Education boldfaced lies Spring 2014; and we all know if they lie, they cheat,, steal.......gee no wonder they have closed door picnic for unethical creeps that need to be removed of their positions and duties.