Thursday, September 18, 2014

BREAKING NEWS!!! Another sad day for CSU!

So loyal readers, I'm sure you will not be surprised to discover that the Board of Trustees at our fair university no longer recognizes the Faculty Senate as a university organization. See the email exchange below.
All of this comes after false information was presented about how the Faculty Senate conducted a process to amend its constitution and by-laws. The Senate has documented its activities and has a paper trail to support its assertions that everything was above board. This did not prevent the president from presenting false information and convincing the board to remove the body that has twice voted no confidence in him and once voted no confidence in the interim provost for her academic misconduct. I suppose that with the thorn removed from the paw, the administration can get back to the business of....????? 
It is clear from this action that neither the Board of Trustees nor the President understand how universities work. What is surprising is that the Board of Trustees has not contacted the Faculty Senate directly or engaged in any of the conduct that it expects the Senate to engage in. There was no due process. There was no consultation. There wasn't even the courtesy of direct communication to those involved, namely the Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate. There was only the petulant frustration of a failed president determined to defeat those who dare say "the emperor has no clothes."
There have been many sad days for this university, some of them documented on this blog. This ranks high on the list of days of infamy. There should be no doubt why our enrollment continues to shrink. It is indeed unfortunate that yet more negative attention will be paid to the university as a result of a failed president and a now proven failed Board of Trustees.


  1. How about if all members of the senate and standing committee members are urged to attend the BOT meeting and introduce ourselves- one by one! Outrageous!

  2. I urge Phillip Beverly and the Senate executive committee to continue to meet, to hold Senate meetings, and to do the important business of the Senate. I would also urge the Senate committees to meet and do their work. The current administration hasn't a clue how to run a university. I urge all to do what they can to keep the voice of the faculty alive.
    If the administration attempts to create a new Senate, I would urge all to participate in the elections. There is no doubt that any Senate elected by the faculty would produce essentially the same outcome that the current Senate has done. We cannot be defeated!!