Saturday, September 27, 2014

If You Want a Textbook Model of Hypocrisy, Look at the Lead "News" Article on the Chicago State Website.

Take a look at the university website. The lead "news" article features Kevin Pinkston, currently an adjunct Sociology professor (I believe). It is my understanding that in 2013, after an exhaustive search, the Sociology department wanted to hire Pinkston into a tenure-track position as an Assistant Professor. Intervening (as always) in the hiring process, Wayne Watson decided he was not good enough for such a position. Also, when the Director of the African American Male Resource Center took an extended leave, Angela Henderson apparently offered Pinkston that position as an interim replacement. Wayne Watson vetoed that idea. Now, however, a Sun-Times article about Professor Pinkston is on the university website. The hypocrisy of rejecting this person for a faculty position then cynically exploiting his connection to Chicago State is simply breathtaking. What is next, a reprinted article on James Crowley or Glenn Meeks?

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  1. They took the hypocritical article about Dr. Pinkston down; at least as of today, 9/30. I wonder if they realized what rats they looked like or if someone complained.