Wednesday, September 24, 2014

UPI Demands Anthony Young and Trustees Reverse the Decision to Ban the Faculty Senate

Thank you Dr Walter and the UPI leadership for pointing out the grave impact of the decision by Anthony Young et al. on the Board of Trustees to withdraw its recognition of the Faculty Senate. Thank you for reminding them that university governance is not unilateral and that the best university governance is not accomplished by fiat from on high.

From: Laurie Walter 
To: Wayne Watson,  ""
Cc: Patrick Cage, Ellie Sullivan; Steve Yokich; David Carpenter; Steven E. Rowe; Leslie Baker-Kimmons
Sent: Tuesday, September 23, 2014 5:30 PM
Subject: Demand for reversal of decision

Dear Dr. Watson and Trustees Young, Joyce, Curtin, Williams, Zollar, Leak, and Smith:
We in the University Professionals of Illinois are dismayed at the precipitous and unwise decision of the Chicago State University Board of Trustees to withdraw recognition of the Chicago State University Faculty Senate.  Although the Faculty Senate is not constituted by the CSU/UPI Contract, it was created by the Faculty Constitution of 1965, which has not been superseded.  The Senate is, furthermore, a crucial element of university governance and faculty rights in such areas as academic standards, curricular review, etc.  Its apparent suspension also has implications for faculty evaluation, an important contractual matter; these are enumerated below. 

We believe that the decision to withdraw recognition was in retaliation for the Senate's votes of "no confidence" in the President and Interim Provost on November 6, 2012, and February 6, 2014, and that the alleged reasons for the action given by Trustee Young in his letter of September 8 are pretextual, as demonstrated by numerous communications from Dr. Bionaz.  Further, aspects of this process are under review by the Public Access Counselor; your withdrawal of recognition prior to that office's rendering a decision is premature.

The contractual aspects of the lack of recognition of the Senate are as follows:  first, both faculty senators and the members of numerous Senate-constituted committees use their participation in meetings, writing of reports, etc., as University Service, a critical element of Departmental Applications of Criteria (DACs).  Depriving them of these opportunities will adversely affect their evaluations for the purposes of retention, promotion, tenure, Faculty Excellence Awards, Professional Advancement Increases, and Annual Evaluations of Tenured Faculty.  Further, the Senate President receives 3 CUEs of released time per semester (Appendix F, 13.) and suddenly removing those CUEs from that person's assignment will impact his year-long schedule, without the consultation mandated by Article 18.3.e.

In closing, for all of these reasons, we demand an immediate reversal of the decision to withdraw recognition of the Chicago State University Faculty Senate.  The University Professionals of Illinois plans to pursue this matter in all legal fora available to us.

Laurie Walter

CSU/UPI Chapter President

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