Thursday, January 1, 2015

Here Is Chicago State's Liability Insurance: If That's All We Have, It Does Not Come Close to Covering the Amount of the Crowley Judgement

During the past five years, members of the Watson administration have demonstrated a remarkable propensity for exaggeration or outright lying. In the February 26, 2014, story reporting the Crowley decision, Thomas Wogan claimed that the university's insurance would cover the damages awarded by the jury. Here are Wogan's comments:

Recently, a colleague sent me a copy of the university's insurance certificate. The liability limits are $1 million per occurrence and $3 million aggregate. Here is a copy of the relevant portions of the insurance certificate:

Here is the relevant portion large enough to read:

Of course, this means that the university is responsible for the payment of at least $3 million of the always increasing judgement. However, I believe that the university is responsible for the entire amount since the insurer is likely to refuse to pay for liability purposely caused by Wayne Watson and his administrative minions.

If any of this material is incorrect, I invite representatives of the administration to provide a rejoinder.


  1. Your Intelligence and commitment to transparency are 2 hallmarks of leadership needed to save institution. No wonder they cower in fear of your brilliant light!

    I wonder if we'll ever know whether ww has a personal insurance policy but one would think he must. Or more likely,they have scammer on insurance company payroll, just like Hollins Group scammers unethically paid for 2 sham "personnel searches". CSU isn't forthcoming about information requested, refuses to admit wrongdoing, refuses to follow any ethical rules, policies or procedures, so isn't it reasonable to believe that's how CSU will likely defraud University's insurance company as well?

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  3. This is an insurance certificate for rented premises. Does this one even apply to Jim's whistleblower award?

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