Saturday, January 24, 2015

A Follow Up To Yesterday's Game

So I don't really accept things as coincidental so this revelation makes yesterday's post on the HIV-AIDS Research and Policy Institute all the more troubling. An article from indicates that CSU is near the bottom of the list in providing students with "sexual health resources." If this is, in fact the case, it makes the shuttering of the Institute all the more troubling. Not only is the decision a failure for the community this administration purportedly serves, it is a double failure because the student community is also under served. All of this comes at a time when the university has a provost who reportedly has some passing familiarity with the health care arena. Yet the same provost has made no stand or public statement on either of these situations. Things must be taken in total and in context. The university's enrollment is plummeting. Apparently students aren't welcomed or nurtured here and are voting with their feet. This is simply another example of failure associated with this administration. The question must be asked again. 
When will this ridiculous farce end?

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