Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Our Highly-Paid Administrators Address Our Enrollment Problems: The Chicago State Web Site an Embarrassment Again

The level of administrative incompetence on display at Chicago State is beginning to take on mythical proportions.

A quote from Peter F. Hamilton's 2012 novel Great North Road raises the question we all should be asking. I've changed the pronouns to make the quote fit the circumstances at Chicago State “[He] couldn't organize an orgy in a brothel. How the hell did [he] ever wind up in charge?" Peter Hamilton, Great North Road, p. 312. Of course, we know the answer to that question. Thank you Leon Finney and Richard Tolliver and a special thanks to Emil Jones for insuring that the clown show continues to play.

The university's administration is addicted to the use of "metrics" which permit them to blame their myriad failures on anyone and everyone outside the circle of Wayne Watson's friends and lovers who are currently running the school into the ground. Of course, these "metrics" have no basis in reality, they're simply delusions those highly-paid bunch of sycophants foist upon the hapless students and staff of this university.

The upcoming course cutting session will be another body blow to the students at Chicago State. I will have more on this in subsequent posts, but the administration's ridiculous criteria for selecting which courses to eliminate and which to keep will cause many of our students to scramble around at the last minute, looking to fill their schedules in order to meet degree or financial aid requirements. Although the Watson administration likes to use students as props in photo-ops, their practices demonstrate utter contempt for the men and women who attend what is left of this university.

The people in this administration simply do not know what they are doing. As the university swirls around the drain, they preen, pose and posture and issue their puffed-up proclamations. They have no practical solutions for our distress, save to blame everyone but themselves for the Chicago State debacle. The utter bankruptcy of their administrative capabilities is currently on display for all the world to see on the Chicago State web site.

Here's the lead image on this morning's web site. This has been up for several days

So we're paying a number of people lavish salaries to manage our enrollment and that's what they come up with? We're all supposed to bring someone to Chicago State to enroll? What about Watyne Watson's "right-sizing?" What about the fact that he told the board he did not want to see the school get much above five-thousand students? What is the truest indication of how the administration feels about our enormous enrollment decline?

Of course, after our stellar administrative minions finish their culling of courses, even if persons did bring students in to register, they most likely would not have any classes for which they could register. How long do we have to suffer these incompetents?

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  1. Holy mixed messages Batman! Are you saying that the enrollment function isn't connected to the academic function? How could that be given that chief academic officer was the chief enrollment officer for two years? Weren't systems in place to maximize the student and prospective student experience? Oh, no that was at any other university but clearly not at this one where this administration makes it as hard to matriculate as possible. If this were a sinking ship, I would say send up a flare and transmit an SOS. Unfortunately, all requests for assistance would be ignored.