Sunday, January 18, 2015

More Incompetence on the Academic Side

So does anyone know why adjunct faculty would be told not to meet their classes and conduct instruction at the beginning of the semester? Would it be because the provost’s office hadn’t completed the employment contracts for nearly three dozen adjunct faculty?  Incredibly, this university has actually employed adjunct faculty before the current regime was installed but for some reason this administration is incapable of basic administrative functions. The victims of their continued incompetence are the students. What explanation could possibly be provided to students about the number of courses cancelled and now the absence of faculty to teach the remaining classes? What inane jargon is to be spewed by the provost about another failure that negatively impacts students? What possible accountability will be had for another avoidable failure? Will the provost be forced to work on Saturdays, as she did yesterday, as punishment? Which subordinates will be thrown under the bus to deflect blame from where it belongs; the chairs, the deans??? Because this administration is blameless in its own eyes for any of its well documented failures, we should expect some other entity to bear the responsibility for low enrollment, high course cancellation numbers and now, incomplete adjunct contracts. Might some legislators inquire about the goings on at CSU during upcoming budget hearings or will they employ the see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil strategy to deal with an imploding CSU?


  1. My opinion:
    If this new information, along with all of the other documented examples of administrative ineptitude at CSU, were not so sad and perhaps criminal it would be hilarious and the material of which great comedy is made.

  2. Aren't online courses filled long before on-campus ones? (Gee, Wonder why). Adjuncts have no rights,little salary & students are nothing but pawns as evident re Brittney, Willie, Jamari. Can you imagine being told not to show up for class and then being accused of being AWOL? Abusers do that. Crowley was asked to respond to FOIA then fired for doing what was asked. Maybe CSU figures it will abuse adjuncts & therefore drive more students to enroll On-campus. CSU gambles with students & adjunct lives because either way, those at top get paid. CSU gambles Rauner won't notice and demand full investigation,but some are fighting for full investigation to happen. Timing is everything and Quinn called for UIC trustees to step down.over conflict of interest. It's time and Rauner's not afraid.