Sunday, September 7, 2014

Wayne Watson Lies to the Board of Trustees

Wayne Watson is a proven liar. Just read the McCarthy opinion. Look at the minutes of the Board of Trustees meetings, or better yet, listen to the recordings as much of the commentary never makes it into the minutes. In the May 9, 2014, board meeting, Watson told an outrageous falsehood. It beautifully reflects his contempt for the truth, his contempt for the board, and his contempt for the intelligence of the students, staff, faculty and administrators at Chicago State. Do yourself a favor and check the recording. Watson's comment begins at 56:39 of the first segment. It's available here:

“Let us not lose sight of the fact that, this is another area that we have raised standards, in terms of admission standards, we’re not admitting students today that we admitted four years ago, five years ago, and that can have an effect upon the number of students that you get in, but as you see our goal is to increase the number of students that we bring in, but also increase our standards . . . so, standards are changing at our university, as I think you heard Dr. Henderson, the Provost, make reference to the fact that we meet every Tuesday and Thursday with faculty, by department, faculty are telling us, department by department, that they see a difference in the quality of students that they have in their classes, they see a difference, I mean there’s not one department we go to, where faculty do not just volunteer that statement. That there definitely a difference in the quality of students that we have.”

So fellow faculty members. Wayne Watson and Angela Henderson meet with you every Tuesday and Thursday. You have also praised him for the increased standards he has applied to Chicago State's students. Can anyone out there verify that any of this has taken place? I can say with certainty that the one and only meeting these two had with our department occurred in January and there was certainly no one extolling the virtues of his "increased standards." Honestly, this man truly has no shame. He continues to spread bullshit around so thickly that we're up to our knees in it.

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