Friday, September 5, 2014

Wayne Watson in Court, Ronnie Watson at the OK Corral: Photos Acquired Surreptitiously

Here at the Crony State Faculty Voice blog we try our best to keep our readers current with important events on and off campus. As some of you are aware, over in the Cook building, our management "team" works really hard to insure a quality education for our students and to make sure the Chicago State "family" is familiar with the Chicago State brand. Just look at the website to see what is important to Watson's hand-picked administrators. Always remember: he got us accreditation! We would have been lost without him. Here's a candid photo that I believe depicts our hard-working administrators planning enrollment strategy for the school (or it may be from the cut session, I'm not completely sure):

I've got some other exclusive photos for you. As you know, Wayne Watson recently got his butt kicked in court again, this time by the trial judge in the Crowley v. Watson case. I've managed to get some photos of the trial. Here is a shot of Wayne Watson just after he finished testifying (or was it testilying?):

You'll recall that the judge called his testimony "absurd," which seems somewhat charitable. Here are some first-year law students discussing Watson's testimony after his bufoonish appearance on the stand:

When the day of the McCarthy opinion began, hopes were high. Here, Watson, Cage and the Smith Amundsen counsel discuss their chances. Even though the decision could go either way, they feel good about the case and themselves:

Unfortunately, Watson's (and Cage's) testimony was insufficient to move either jury or judge to see things his way. Here's a candid shot of Watson, Cage and one of the Smith Amundsen attorneys reacting to the McCarthy opinion:

Finally, here's a shot of our intrepid Chief of Police following his shooting spree at the recent concert. Instead of giving him an entire magazine to empty into dogs and people, he's been restricted to what you see in the photograph.

If anyone has any other candid photos they'd like to share, send them along.

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