Thursday, September 18, 2014

How Much Do You Get It?

As CSU president, Elnora Daniel got it.
As Board of Trustees Chair, Gary Rozier also got it.

Both of them knew that their positions at CSU required them to be the lead donors on campus during its fundraising efforts. If the highest paid and those with the most power and status at the university don’t pony up, why should anyone else? When the time came, Daniel put her money where her status was. And before March 2013 when Quinn came in and removed Board Chair Gary Rozier because he wanted to remove Wayne Watson, he had a plan in place to have the board pledge to raise a certain amount of money for the university. This is the way fundraising happens at universities across the country.

On Friday night CSU’s Foundation is hosting a gala fundraiser at a fancy downtown hotel.

I wonder how much our President and his Bored members have pledged to CSU this year?

This week we found out that CSU’s bid to get the Obama Library failed. Tom Wogan was quick to make lemonade out of lemons: “ ‘We are thankful to the community members and leaders who volunteered their time to put the bid together,’ Wogan said. ‘It was a really great exercise, and we will look for ways to utilize that committee and the relationships we built through the process.’” 

Great. Now that we can stop holding our breath about the Obama Library maybe we can put some energy toward fixing what we have at 95th and King Drive.

Tomorrow the CSU Bored of Trustees has a full bored meeting on campus. YAWN. Perhaps that is where they will publicly announce that the faculty senate no longer exists. Bored of Trustees chair Anthony Young has been very busy. Last week he got on his high horse and, doing the bidding of President Watson, told various or selected faculty members that the bored was going to shut down the Faculty Senate. Ok, Mr. Young, fine, go down that road and open up that can of worms, but after you make that announcement, I hope you and your fellow bored members will dust off your black ties and trot over to the gala to do your part as the fiduciary body of the campus. You can dutifully deposit your checks to the university alongside the hefty one Dr Watson will no doubt write. And perhaps we will see Dr Watson and Mr. Young accompanied to the gala by all those ministers and community leaders and politicians to whom Tom Wogan referred. These, after all, are the real “stakeholders” whom Dr. Watson relies upon to keep his job, these are the ones who are so keen on keeping CSU in their pocket for patronage purposes. C'mon, kick up your heels and clink glasses. They should all be out in full force at the CSU gala on Friday night shouldn't they?

Oh, yeah, right, I get it...

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