Saturday, September 27, 2014

The James Crowley Scoreboard: As of September 27, 2014, we Owe Mr. Crowley $3,701,310.70 (and more every day). One of Wayne's Proudest Achievements.

As a courtesy to our readers, we offer the James Crowley scoreboard. The scoreboard provides up-to-date information on the approximate cost to Chicago State University of the Crowley case. As some of you may know, on August 28, the judge awarded Crowley "front-pay" to begin immediately and continue until the case is finalized. The forces of good (Wayne Watson, Patrick Cage and their unfortunate legal representatives) have decided to throw good money after bad and appeal the case. This decision results in a daily increase of the final price tag. Based on the August 28, 2014 opinion from Judge McCarthy, the cost to the university on that date would have been $3,684,000. Broken down like this:

• For the university’s defense: $346,000 (this amount will increase significantly)
• For the cost of Crowley’s attorneys: $318,000 (this amount will increase significantly)
• For the punitive damages caused by Watson and Cage: $2,000,000 (this amount will not increase)
• For Crowley’s back pay: $960,000 (this amount will not increase)
• For interest on the damages and back pay: $60,000 (this amount will not increase)

However, because of McCarthy’s “front-pay” order, the university is obligated to compensate Crowley $120,000 per year until the conclusion of the case. This works out to $328.77 per day. In addition, the university will be paying interest on the balance (absent attorney’s costs), which at 3 percent per year works out to $248.22 per day. So, as of September 27, here is the total amount owed James Crowley:

• Original judgment: $3,684,000.
• Back pay: $9863.10
• Interest: $7446.60

This brings the total on the scoreboard for September 27, 2014 to: $3,701,310.70. And counting. Again, congratulations to Wayne Watson and Patrick Cage for bringing us this disgrace, and to the Chicago State Board of Trustees for not putting an end to this farce and this administration. How much will we eventually have to pay? For Wayne and his friends, the sky is the limit. I will provide regular updates here on the scoreboard.

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