Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Response

So loyal readers, your humble narrator was forced by the circumstances of that most distasteful "cease and desist" letter to seek legal counsel to address the most unpleasant assault on our First Amendment rights. Joined by my fellow bloggers, The Crony State Eight, we sought the guidance of some very capable attorneys who advised us to continue blogging and let them handle the official response to the university. Below is the letter to the Vice President and General Counsel from our attorneys at Goodman, Tovrov, Hardy & Johnson, LLC. I believe their short missive speaks volumes about this situation. 

This I can assure you loyal readers, the threats of a failed administration hold no sway over my colleagues or me and should continued legal intimidation ensue, I would imagine more embarrassment for the regime.


  1. Damn, you guys are thorough. When the University of Oregon Foundation threatened to sue me, I just posted some John Cleese:


  2. Thanks for the link. Sometimes there is just nothing better than John Cleese. Maybe your administration gets the irony. And good luck with your efforts. Our Administration's mouthpieces are quick to call our words "uncivil" when they can't answer to the facts. But then again ours has become less a university and more of a ward of the local southside Chicago politicans. So citing "incivility" in hopes of throwing attention off the main subject is a pure political maneuver. Here, I suppose, what can we expect?

  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DyL5mAqFJds

    See 2:04.

  4. Daughter of two alumnis, engaged to an alumni and I am an alumni. What the hell is wrong with people? Thank you for this epic voice.

  5. Im extremely happy to see that the fight for the best CSU is still continuing! Please let me know what I can do to help as an alumni b and long distance member of the independent student union.

    1. First, thanks for staying in touch as an alum. We do want a better CSU. If you want to do something from afar--for whatever it is worth, write to the CSU Board or Trustees and tell them what you think. Dr Watson and his Executive Team have a narrative that they keep repeating that it is only a small group of faculty and students who complain and are trying to undermine the university.