Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Entertainment and education

So as a political scientist, I understand there are a number of ways that civil discourse or protest or political speech can exist in the public domain. For centuries, music has been one way of expressing dissatisfaction with an oppressive regime. And now a student has ventured into the storied domain of resistance music. For your entertainment and edification I humbly present the following.

I would invite those more learned than me to weigh in on the specifics of this form of expression.

1 comment:

  1. Nice track!!! Ha! ha! I like the video as well especially the well-placed pics of our educational oppressors. Lyrics are on point and clever. This is what hip hop is about; expression, creativity, rebel spirit, heavy beats, resistant news, information exchange, 'battling'. It is the pedagogy of the oppressed in action. It is the forum that the working classes and people of color have to tell our stories and to challenge the official narratives of power. It is a means to develop critical consciousness and a method by which to decolonize our minds. (for the less learned, hip hop is not the corporate pop music that you hear on the radio)

    Listen! and Learn!