Friday, December 20, 2013

A Revision and Correction

My September 16, 2013 post "Patronage or just a reward for services rendered?" requires some clarification. I indicated that eight administrators had received raises in the past two years that averaged 17.65 percent. I should point out that one of the administrators I mentioned, Dr. Yvonne Harris has enjoyed only a 7.9 percent raise in the past two years. Dr. Harris began her employment at Chicago State on August 16, 2010, at a monthly salary of $9833. I mistakenly used the university's ISL 2012 fiscal year submission as Harris's annual starting salary (103,247) in 2010. Based on her monthly salary I should have calculated it as $117,996 annually. This recalculation results in a change in the percentage raises for the eight administrators I mentioned in the post. Instead of an average raise of 17.65 percent for the past two years, their average raise stands at 17.5 percent for the past two years.


  1. This clarification seems consistent with a policy to correct errors of fact on this blog. Thank you for your diligence in being factually correct. We may not agree about interpretation and we will always agree with facts.

  2. The administrative salary increase and the regime's choices for how to spend money are a disgrace in light of the many unfullfilled needs of our students and staff. First, how about supporting nearly half of our students (~49%) who are single mothers many needing daycare. A central problem with our graduation rate is the many family issues of our predominantly adult female population. A fully-funded daycare center would work wonders to alleviate this significant problem.

    I wonder where else we could better spend our money. Any ideas?

  3. Doc, I'm sure there are other things we could better spend money on at CSU than on ever higher salaries for cronies, but daycare HAS to be at the top of the list.