Thursday, April 16, 2009

What's next???

So what happens next? Before we ask that question maybe I should recap. Two candidates visited the campus on Monday and Tuesday. They received a rousing rendition of “Hit the Road Jack” in the form of intense questioning by students, faculty and staff. Neither of these candidates demonstrated the experience, temperament or leadership ability to be appointed CSU President. One candidate received a PhD from an online university and hasn’t been in an academic institution in 20 years. The other candidate has never been an administrator in a university and spent time on Tuesday equating making pastries to leading a doctoral degree granting university. Neither of the candidates had published in a peer reviewed journal. One had a faculty strike and vote of no confidence and the other had a sexual harassment scandal since being appointed by the now impeached and indicted governor. Their unpreparedness is emblematic of the incompetence of the bored trustees. Sorry, Board of Trustees.

It has become clear that much of the dysfunction this university experiences and has experienced is a direct result of the Board of Trustees. Whether it was audit reports, copier gate, furniture gate, interference with the daily operations of the university and finally the fictitious presidential search, I believe the Board has lost the trust and confidence of the university community. The Board will, of course, ignore the university community and forge ahead with its ill conceived plan to appoint one of the two grossly unqualified candidates as the next president. It is then, left to us. Faculty showed up at both sessions, questioned, listened and decided. Now it is time for faculty to speak clearly and decisively. We have talked too long about realizing our potential and being more than we can be. Now is the time to do it.

The Board is meeting on Friday to decide in executive session which of the two they want. They then have to vote in open session, probably on April 29th, on the candidate. Show up to the meetings and tell them NEITHER! Neither of the candidates is acceptable, qualified or appropriate. Neither of the candidates will serve the higher aspirations or ideals of this institution. Attend the meetings and tell the board by your attendance their time is up. They haven’t done the job we need done. It is time for them to serve elsewhere. Honorable people in such a position would resign, in service to the institution. Their choices in the next few days will demonstrate their honor and what they think of the university and its community. The real battle has yet to be waged and the clock is ticking. Continue to do what you did this week. Remember, faculty are the core of this university. If you don’t believe that, I ask you why do you stay?

Click on the link and contact the Governor’s office via his website and tell him what you want him to do. I want him to remove the board and put an end to the farce that is the management of this institution. Now the choice is yours.

One thing is certain; doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity.

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