Sunday, April 12, 2009

This just in.....

So this just in. The university’s public affairs officer has notified the press that they cannot attend the “open” meetings when the board selected candidates visit campus on Monday and Tuesday. My curiosity is piqued now and I have some questions. First, if I read the President’s organization chart right, the PAO works for a Vice President who works for the President. Did the President approve of an employee being directed by a member of the board of trustees? If not, that is a problem. The board has their own attorney and if they wish to operate contravening their own operating instructions about the number of employees they directly manage, then they should hire their own PAO and stop burdening the university’s employees with their business. Second, the “executive session” provision they are attempting demonstrates an ineptness that is dangerous for any oversight body. Public business cannot be hidden at public institutions by gubernatorial appointees. The ‘executive session’ provision only applies when it is a meeting of the public body. If there wasn’t proper notice given then the public body is out of compliance with the OMA and subject to civil suit. Third, what possible benefit could there be to telling members of the press, who have not been sympathetic to this institution anyway, that they cannot attend a function at a public institution? The board continues to demonstrate something to the university. You can decide for yourselves what that something is.

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