Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Academy or not?

In response to the two most recent posts I think this week is the week for the CSU faculty to basically put up or shut up. I am amazed at both the actions and attitudes of the Board of Trustees. I have seen a more inclusive selection process used in para-military organizations and Corday's characterization of the Board as "insulting and condescending" is spot on as is Philip's discussion of the responsibilities of tenure.

As faculty, we are partly to blame for the paternalistic culture that pervades this institution. This week, we have the opportunity to express our displeasure with a process that has been outrageous at best. We must show up and give voice to our concerns or we run the risk of losing whatever influence we retain at this institution. Are we committed to the ideals of debate, free inquiry and argument or will we be good little soldiers and march to the orders of our wonderful and glorious leaders?


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