Monday, April 13, 2009

Campus visit thoughts...

So this is the best the board of trustees can provide us. A candidate who has never published in a peer reviewed journal, who hasn't taught a class in twenty years, who by her own admission has only made one mistake (understanding budgeting) while DHS secretary, who downplays being a political insider, who suggested a corporate model of governance and later in the day rejected the model she suggested, who didn't know that CSU students can actually register for classes online, who wants to market the university, as if no one else here wants to market the university. The board provides a candidate who wouldn't tender her resignation if the board had all new board members. This is a candidate who during the campus visit appeared to lack introspection and self-reflection. This candidate patronizingly accepted the green T-shirts that the students have been wearing all day, telling all to hear how much she appreciates their protest to her candidacy. It appeared a bit disingenuous. Have we heard all of the right words before? Thankfully, the board in their own opaque way have found a candidate who will save us, because we all know we have never tried any of what the Secretary suggested today.

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  1. My thoughts on the campus visit today...CLUELESS!This kind of reminded me of Elnora Daniel. After awhile, I thought, "She's baaaaaaaack!" I can't wait for tomorrow.