Monday, April 27, 2009

The next chapter....

So it seems the squeaky wheel will get the grease and I will be squeaking for a while longer. I am going to be as squeaky as the BOT is arrogant in ignoring the wishes for collaboration of the university community. We must be working in some bizzaro world where a group of grossly incompetent and malfeasant Blago appointees can single handedly ruin the reputation of the university. The truly sad part is that after the board members offer a five year contract to one of the applicants, we will watch the university become open admission with less than a 5% graduation rate. Maybe we will have been downgraded to a junior college by then. There will be complaints and memory loss because no one will remember that something could have and should have been done today. The truly sad part is that this grossly incompetent board will single handedly devalue the degree of every graduate of this university by violating their own regulations and governing policy around shared participation. Their flawed process led to unqualified political insiders who need their sycophants to speak to how wonderful they are because their records are so threadbare. If there was ever a need for real leadership, which neither of these two candidates displayed, it is now. Faculty and students displayed leadership. Now it's time for the state's chief executive to lead. Or we will be led down a path that we won't want to visit. And this is what it has come down to.

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  1. This is sad. I was informed today that Gov. Quinn will be down tomorrow on Chicago State campus to evaluate the Board of Trustees. Well, isn't tomorrow too late? Our cries shall not be unheard for any reason. I won't be silence to satisfy the pessimist that believes our efforts were a waste of time. This I assure you won't happen. As I stood by the side of my fellow colleagues and students. For once in the my experience at Chicago State I felt unity and for this reason my cries will not be unheard.