Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Interesting Reading

In case you missed this information about one of CSU’s potential presidents check this out as well as past articles from the Chicago Tribune of that time.

Chronicle of Higher Education, April 8, 2005
In Chicago, a Chancellor Pushes 2-Year Colleges to Change Their Ways
Faculty members voted no confidence in Wayne Watson; others praise his innovations By JAMILAH EVELYN

The following article brought to our attention by one of our blog commentators makes for a nice contrast.

Inside Higher Ed, April 1, 2009
Lessons of 33 Years as a President By Richard S. Meyers


  1. I've been watching the blasting of two amazing candidates for the job - one who runs a $5.5 billion annual budget and another who manages 7 colleges and 10 satellite campuses with 8,000 employees and a budget five times that of CSU. Many of the people who are doing the blasting have never been able to complete their PhD's or publish or administer research grants. Talk about hyprocrisy. I guess that amusing one's self like this during the idle time between classes generates a feeling of superiority.

  2. Required Reading -April 2nd Chicago Tribune article entitled --Chicago State University: Faculty, students criticize 2 finalists for president as political insiders

  3. Bagolee's comment is nicely off point. The key issue here is that the process was so opaque that it fuels speculation that the selections were cronyism. Also, given the recent track record of the CSU trustees in selecting presidents, it might have been useful to have employed the faculty as something other than window dressing. The top-down, paternalistic management style that obtains at this university is one of its major problems and this fiasco is simply more of the same. By the way, I have my Ph.D. and have also published.

    Bob Bionaz
    Department of History

  4. Bagolee: "two amazing candidates for the job"? Then the insults--whom is bagowhatever insulting? No one is named, and I have no idea to whom bago is referring. In any event, if these candidates are amazing, it is in their absense of commitment to Chicago State and, in Watson's case, vindictiveness. Ask the dedicated, part-time and temporary but non-tenured faculty who participated in the City Colleges strike. I believe most were systematically eliminated from the system regardless of their teaching.