Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Well done faculty, well done students!

I for one was very proud of the turn out for yesterday's interviews of the Trustees' candidate Carol Adams. I never thought I would see the day at CSU when students and faculty would come together in such a great display. Row after row of black suits and skirts, shirts, socks, and stockings even especially in the sessions for students and faculty and in the open session. Don't think this sea of black mixed in with the students' own brand of green tee-shirts was lost on the administration. It's one thing for a group of faculty to protest, or when a group of students protest, but when the two come together over an issue, that's when the university administration takes notice.

The Trustees have probably already chosen who the next President of CSU will be in spite of the fiction of the paper forms being passed out at the end of each interview session requesting our "feedback." Our power is not in the forms that you turn in, it's in your presence at these meetings with the candidates. Let's give Dr Watson, the same kind of reception we gave Dr. Adams. I for one have lots of black in my closet to wear.

Bravo faculty and students.

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  1. Unfortunately, the BOT is too arrogant to recognize that lack of accountability is the main reason past presidents knew they could get away with corruption. If I was an upcoming administrator with political clout I too would love to work for Chicago State University. Crime really do pay if you're employed at the State!