Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Our Victory Today

So after all of the shouts, recriminations, tears etc., I finally got it. We won! Today was a victory. It was a victory for the campus community. This single event has galvanized the university in a way that no other events have in the last twenty years. Of course our adversaries will choose to believe that the summer will blunt the sharpness of the faculty and students. My warning to us is to not let the summer pass without our activity. More will follow about what we are doing, what is needed and what is possible. You may be as disappointed as I am AND I am inspired to fight for this university and what it can become. I am ready to continue to create the diamond that is CSU with all of the heat and pressure that can be brought to bear.


  1. Yes!!! The important thing is the struggle, and much of the struggle is a tribute to your leadership--a true teacher of both students and faculty. Let us go forward teaching and learning from one another.

  2. WBEZ is under-reporting this issue again

  3. Someone also told me that WVON was dissing the students and faculty, saying that the protest was the fault of white faculty. Does this mean that the black establishment media is tied in with the same Democratic Party machine as the BOT? If so, it underlines my argument that anti-black racism experienced by CSU students has its direct source in the black political establishment, which simply does not care about student interests.