Saturday, April 25, 2009

A bit of hope

So it looks like the Tribune editorial board is the wind behind us. Check out their editorial in today's print and online editions. Here is a link to March to Mediocrity. If you support the actions of the faculty, staff and students, call the Governor's office and voice your opinion. More to follow.


  1. Well, I for one read the editioral of "March to Mediocrity" and thought it was great. I also was happy to see some of our faculty, staff and students united in the Rotunda to take a stance against this so-called BOT. Unfortunately, I ran into one disappointment that crossed my mind. Why wasn't there more? Why can't some of these professors who held class elected to hold class for that one hour? What are we teaching our students, who look up to us as leaders? Are we teaching them to be bystanders and reap the benefits through others efforts? I am very disappointed.

    For those professors and deans who stood by my side, who decided we will have one another's back, and who will be there battling to the end....THANK YOU! THANK YOU FOR BEING A LEADER and THANK YOU FOR BEING MY BATTLE BUDDY THROUGH THIS DIFFICULT TIME.

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  3. What a sad day for the Tribune. That they would buy the blather of CSU faculty and staff. A group of "educators" that have produced to date a graduation rate of 16%. Who's fooling who? Really now. Ron Huberman(no educational background) was selected to run Chicago Public political commentary about him? Arne Duncan is now the National Education organized public push to be rude to him is there? Yet a staff and faculty would reject a group of candidates that have backgrounds in education, funding and leadership? Mediocrity and less currently exist at Chicago State University. The board took a bold move to change thing for the future of it's student body. Nothing should stand in it's way. Especially not the selfish interests of a faculty that boasts more failure than sucess.

  4. Hmmmm, I wonder how much research hairaddict (your specialty is hair?) has done into the specifics of our graduation rate? Why do students drop out? Under the Cross administration there was an effort to research that question. The #1 reason was lack of money and need to earn more. Also, there was a recent report of a very high failure rate *in the first year* for incoming freshmen. That fact is worth investigating further and trying to address.

    I take it that our addict friend is not a teacher, or if (s)he is, perhaps (s)he could address how (s)he is successful in retaining students.

    Note also the odd contradiction of blaming the current faculty for the low grad rate for incoming freshmen and then saying the cure is to have a politically connected president (Adams is hardly an experienced educator--I'll get to Watson). Or is the hidden connection that the new president will get rid of the faculty who are responsible for the low grad rate for freshmen? Well, we know something about that in Watson's case: he was good at getting rid of faculty--temporary and emeritus--who honored the CC strike regardless of the quality of their teaching. Perhaps our addict friend would like to stop smoking whatever he is smoking long enough to tell us how that helped CC students.