Sunday, January 24, 2016

What You Can Do Right Now to Help

To our intrepid readers:

As you are undoubtedly aware, Chicago State is fighting for its life. Please join with us to resist the effort by Governor Rauner to destroy public higher education in Illinois. If you support public higher education, please do these three things:

First, just last night, we created a Facebook page titled “Save CSU.” It can be found here: Please visit the page, join the group and share the page with your friends.

Second, please sign the petition demanding that the Governor pass a budget and restore funding for MAP grants, available here: Please invite your friends to sign this petition.

Third, visit the web site “Fund Our Future,” available here: Please like it and share it with your friends.

Make no mistake, although the front lines are currently in Chicago, none of the Illinois universities are safe from Rauner's destructive anti-education bullshit "reform agenda."


  1. Hello Dr. Chattie Pattie a.k.a Robert, now that the budgetary impasse is threatening your wage, and potential unemployment benefits loom in your financial forecast, all of a sudden CSU is "fighting for its life". Hello Sir! The CSU students have been fighting for their life ever since the public display of overt shenanigans that you waged on our university in previous years began. You've behaved like a zany little rascal with a bullhorn, spewing nonsense to whomever would listen. Enough of your self serving junk bonds that you've sold on this blog, show some leadership for us students in the classroom, and the alums that have paid thousands of dollars for a degree that we could ultimately be proud of. You behavior has been appalling Sir. Know that we have a new President at CSU, you are left desperate, a joke with no hope. Why don't you appeal to the Great Michael Jackson, and look at the man in the mirror. Notwithstanding, that may be the hardest task you have faced thus far. Be better, our academic future depends on it.

    1. Honey Buzz if you are a reader of this blog you would know that Dr. Bionaz and other contributors to this blog have been fighting for CSU which, of course, is the opposite of what you described. If you, in fact, are a CSU student, alum, or a concerned citizen it is in your best interest to set aside your feelings about Dr. Bionaz and focus your efforts on those who seek and have the ability to get rid of CSU; Of course those folks being the memebers of the General Assembly and Governor Rauner. Obviously, they are the undoubted threat to the institution. #saveCSU

  2. After experiencing first hand the appalling incompetence of the advisory staff, enrollment department and other factions of the administration at CSU, I stumbled across this blog site when searching the internet for others that may have had similar experiences. With information, issues and opinions that can be substantiated with published documents, research, investigations, and sadly, court rulings, I find that the moderators of this blog to be open, forthright and informative.

    I have no idea what personal issues you have with Mr.Bionaz, nor do I care. But this is not the forum for you to air your grievances. If you have any opinion of substance to offer that correlates with the relevance of this site I'm sure it would be welcome. Otherwise, please don't clog the commentary with your childish, incoherent ramblings. And, on a side note....if, in the event you want someone to take you seriously (wherein you control the option as to how you are identified) it's probably not the best bet to call yourself "Honey Bunzz".