Saturday, January 23, 2016

Now you know the rest of the story...

In September 2014 the State Executive Inspector General weighed in on its investigation of Wayne Watson. Guess what? He violated state's "integrity" policy in 2013... It's just posted on their website now.

Where was Bernetta Bush the university "Ethics Officer" all this time?

What did Anthony Young and the Board of Trustees do when they read the report they received last September?

You know what they did...­inspector­general­report­former­csu­president­violatedintegrity­policy

IG  "Watson Report"


  1. Judge Bush is part-time at only 85,000 a year. You could not expect her to do anything for such chump change.

    What about the false accusations against Dr. Beverly?

  2. Mr. Anthony's response:

    Emeritus status

  3. Hey Corday, please awake soon from your myopic slumber. Lil Weezyanna is old news. Focus more on the proposed chapter 9 bankruptcy agenda Gov. Privatization has proposed. Stand for something my friend and stop with the childish pandering!