Monday, January 11, 2016

Editor Still Needed for Our Web Site Material

As if we needed a reminder that some things may be slow to change, this currently appears as the top story on the CSU web site. Someone (preferably an English language speaker) needs to proofread this material before it's posted. This is embarrassing.


  1. The article also states this year's enrollment at 7200 students. But hadn't you just recently blogged about how Spring enrollment was approx. 3600 (down 1000 from this Fall)? Do they think enrollment totals are calculated by adding Fall & Spring figures???

    1. We need to correct that before HLC shows up.

    2. The Higher Learning Commission is our accrediting body. Honesty is the best policy in dealing with accreditation.

      Didn't the blog project an enrollment of about 4300 to 4400? The official numbers should be in soon.