Saturday, January 23, 2016

Some Questions for Rauner

Since closing a state university is somewhat more complicated than closing your local convenience store, I have some questions for the Governor:

What is your plan for enabling students who are eligible to graduate to do so?
What is your plan for tuition refunds for students who paid their tuition in good faith, expecting a full semester of classes?
What is your plan for continuing extant federal grants? What is your plan for paying back the unused grant funds?
What is your plan for the current semester’s indebtedness assumed by our students through student loans? Since the university is closing because of your dereliction of duty, are you going to have the state repay the student debt created during this aborted semester?
What is your plan to address the issue of failure to make satisfactory progress for our students and its effect on future student aid?
What is your plan for defending the state against the certain avalanche of lawsuits that will follow Chicago State’s closure?
What is your plan for addressing the long-term damage to the surviving state universities caused by your unconscionable action?

Since there won’t be anyone working at the university after March 1, I’m afraid there won’t be anyone to deal with these issues (and more that I’ve missed in this listing). I’m sure you and your staff will enjoy untangling the mess that you’ve created. I am also sure that in these areas you will prove yourself as unqualified as you are to be Governor.


  1. Here's a couple of others:

    How will you deal with the public backlash when it is learned that your action left hundreds of lab animals to freeze or starve to death in the dark?

    What is your plan for dealing with the hazardous materials and biological waste currently stored on campus?

    What is you plan for the disposition of all state property: everything from prepared microscope slides to expensive research equipment such as electron microscopes and X-ray crystallography equipment? Will these be put on eBay. or auctioned to the public in bulk lots?

    Are the campus buildings to be bulldozed in their current state, or do you expect that they will burn to the ground first?

  2. Hey Robbie a.k.a Chattie Pattie, let's see how vocal you are now, as your past public shenanigans is part to blame for the public spectacle and political attack raised against CSU. Shame on you, you should really knock it off! Literally, you have no skin in the game, knowledge or experience dealing with the war waged against quality education for African American youth in this state or country. Your continued asinine comments should be deemed arrogant, reprehensible and null. Good luck with your continued stealth agenda to enrich your narcissistic micro-ego. CSU students would benefit greatly, if and only if you spent half as much time focusing on your student's success in the classroom, than you do blogging on this site. Seriously, you are a real piece of work, a true knucklehead with an inferiority complex, a total cancer to the quality of education at CSU. So Mr. Twitterfingers, for the rest of 2016, I would like you to make a pledge to the CSU student body and alums that you will cease and desist with your bizarro and rhetorical lip service. Have you published anything credible or worthwhile lately? Do you render any volunteer services to the African American community near the CSU campus or elsewhere? Are you an Alum of the University? OR Are you just a exhibitionist/ distraction looking for a thrill at the expense of the proverbial underserved black community? Be better this year Sir, us students really deserve it!

  3. Admittedly, Rauner's agenda may be problematic. But you! Smh... You, your rhetorical buffoonery and your corrupt agenda is at least even more problematic. Be better Sir, your first priority should be your students.

  4. Dear Ms. "Bunzz":

    Do you have something to contribute, because this is a blog for the CSU Faculty (note the name of the blog)? You are a rude, crude, and obnoxious anonymous troll. You must have learned rhetoric at Trump University.