Monday, January 25, 2016

Upcoming Meeting

So as this is a university wide crisis, I am imploring all faculty and staff to attend the meeting on Tuesday January 26th in the Breakey Theater at 12:30. Dr. Calhoun has scheduled this in an attempt to communicate with the faculty and staff about the nature of the crisis. I would hope all supervisors will encourage their people to attend this meeting.


  1. If you could update us as to what Dr. Calhoun speaks about both at tomorrow & Thursday's meetings regarding the financial predicament of CSU and the path he intends to take for either the university's future or demise. I am a parent of a CSU student, but am unable to come to Chicago for the meetings. I saw on that both WIU & EIU have gotten approval from their BOT & are preparing (or have already begun) to layoff non-instructional staff along with other cuts....has anything like that started at CSU yet, or even been spoken of?

  2. Dr. Calhoun did song dance in his response to the governors chief of staff letter addressing the issues at CSU. Rather than addressing the route cause of the problems at CSU, Dr. Calhoun tried to defend a sinking ship. He would have been more creditable if he had called out the BOT and “Lil Wayne” for the issues putting CSU under the governor’s gun. Governor Rauner inherited the problems at CSU, and he is not the cause. I give Governor Rauner for addressing the problems at CSU and not burying his head in the ground like previous governors did.

    The question that comes to mind is, why are you seeking partitions to save CSU now? Petitions should have been to remove the BOT and “Lil Wayne” All this may have been avoided if the petitions had been circulated to remove the BOT and “Lil Wayne,” now CSU may have to pay the price for not being more proactive in dealing with the cesspool at CSU (BOT and “Lil Wayne”). Now CSU has to accept the consequence of being to passive and not proactive in dealing with the BOT and “Lil Wayne.” I feel sorry for CSU but action had to be taken for the protection of Illinois tax payers.