Thursday, January 21, 2016

Dr. Calhoun Responds to the Rauner-Goldberg Attack Memo

Here is the text of Dr. Calhoun's letter to Bruce Rauner:

The letter and comments are available here:


  1. Where did the 40 million go?

  2. This is not, of course, a comment on Dr. Calhoun, but previous admin. I'm wondering where that money, which could keep the lights on, go?

  3. I'm not happy at all. The CSU student travel team (me, Lonza Fruitree, Brittany Bailey, Jokari Miller, and Willie Preston) met with the Illinois GOP, and both the House and Senate minority leaders about the problems at the school being caused by lil Wayne and his band of Merry Thieves.

    No response at all. No NOTHING from the Illinois GOP until the letter from Rauner condemning the school.

  4. The root of these problems all reside in the Governor's Office of the previous administration. The opportunity for a solution lies in the current administration's Governor's Office. Leon Finney and his posse must be very pleased that their efforts have put CSU's students in the predicament. His influence and the influence of his cronies are weighing heavily on CSU's students. Why has not Anita Alvarez brought criminal charges against the people complicit in bring CSU to its knees? Because she was a paid speaker at a CSU commencement?