Friday, January 8, 2016

Week One Is In The Books

So we have come to the end of the first week of the Calhoun Administration and it is clear a new tone is being set. I have no idea what his plan(s) is/are but I am convinced he has a plan. Morale seems to be improving as long suffering employees welcome 2016. The Faculty Senate Social Committee is hosting a dinner and has invited President Calhoun to attend. This purely social event was the brain child of Dr. Tonya Hall. Her leadership was instrumental in reforming the committee and undertaking a bold event at the beginning of the semester and new year. Thanks in advance to the Social Committee members for all of their work and to the Faculty Senate Vice President, Jason Raynovich for supporting the committee in planning this first of its kind event. 
All competent executives take some time to evaluate the situations that they enter into. Hasty decision making is usually the sign of incompetent leadership. Thoughtful and measured decision making is the opposite. I hope that as President Calhoun evaluates the condition of CSU he realizes that faculty will be supportive of his efforts to repair damage done by the former regime. We eagerly await the results of his assessment and stand ready to support the changes needed to make the university viable again.

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