Friday, April 3, 2015

Wayne Watson Unscripted: Press Release from Willie Preston's Attorney

Below is a press release from Rima Kapitan, attorney for Willie Preston and Brittany Bailey. This press release refers to an audio recording in Kapitan's possession which includes nearly an hour-long conversation between Wayne Watson and then Chicago State undergraduate student Jokari Miller.

In addition to the passages about Willie Preston noted in the press release, the conversation features a foul-mouthed Watson threatening Miller physically, calling him a "punk" and continuously reminding Miller that he (Watson) is talking to Miller as a "black man," not as the university president.

It seems difficult to imagine a discussion like this taking place between any other university president in the United States and an undergraduate student.


  1. Holy audio smoking gun Batman! Do you mean that there is actually an audio recording of a university president making the remarks that are quoted in the press release? Well surely the board will terminate his contract now. Or has the embarrassment not reached the threshold of intolerable. I am sure an economist could design an econometric model that would show how many students the university loses every time its administration does something stupid like this. Maybe that's why this regime eliminated the Economics degree, minor, department and faculty.
    Enough already!

    1. "Stop trying to save every damn little puppy that falls off the curb." -- I can see the memes coming!!!
      But seriously, how long can this university continue to suffer without relief from this administration? It only took the previous governor 2-3 weeks to react to UIC's mess from a couple of years ago.

  2. No one should speak to a student that way.

    He ought to resign immediately.

  3. This is truly outlandish. Mr. Watson should resign from his current
    'Curb owning' venture. What a creepy thing to do to a student. It is now a wonder that the Board is not calling publicly for Watson's departure, say on Monday morn g.