Thursday, April 23, 2015

A Former Colleague Asks: At What Cost "Li'l Wayne's War"?

So Li’l Wayne Is at War

In the name of war, Wayne has vanquished enemies, raised friends to highly-paid positions, and bullied students. He has financed his war by stealing state and federal money through financial gyrations that speak to his sophisticated understanding of corruption and its uses.

Given the absolute disregard for policies and procedures, critical to the smooth running of the university on the part of Wayne and his sidekick Miss Angie, and given the similar disregard for state and federal regulations concerning financial aid and grant funding, the university is circling the drain. Enrollment is drastically down, Crowley’s lawsuit must be paid, Glenn Meek’s lawsuit is in the pipeline as is LaShonda Peebles’. These promise to be expensive.

All in the name of Li’l Wayne’s war.

What puzzles me is what he thinks winning looks like? When Wayne slithers off campus after his retirement, what will be left behind? Will it be a university that is a vibrant center of higher education for Chicago’s Black population? Will it be a university doing cutting-edge research such as that done by the HIV/AIDs Center? Will there be a group of highly-placed, satisfied graduates who give willingly and often to their Alma Mater? Nope. Sorry—none of that is possible.

What will be left are the smoking remains of a university that has graduated thousands of students who have gone on to happy and productive lives. Rather than serving as a symbol of opportunity to Chicago’s school children, the university will be a lifeless shell: decaying classrooms empty of students, demoralized faculty whose work goes unfunded because the IRB* or the grants office has violated federal regulations, lawsuits that may bankrupt the university all together, and students whose dreams have been deferred by the destructive actions of Wayne Watson and his crew.

This is achingly sad to watch. So many professionals at the university who have worked long and hard, decades, to lift the university up now have to watch it being torn down.

So, just who is Wayne at war with? The university? His own disastrous incompetence? Or the students whom he purports to serve? All three? And what is the cost of “winning”?

Robin Benny

* Miss Angie should know something about the role of the IRB, since her “dissertation” alleges that she did “research” using human subjects. But then she was completely unfamiliar with common citation practices, so who knows what she absorbed about the IRB role in her “work.”

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