Monday, September 19, 2016

WTTW's Chicago Tonight follows up with some hard questions about the Board's decision to oust CSU's president

A roundtable discussion moderated by Carol Marin on WTTW tonight included the following: "Robert Bionaz, the outspoken president of the faculty union who opposes the ouster of Calhoun; state Rep. Jeanne Ives, who wants to expand the Community College Employment Contract Act to include Chicago State so that future severance payouts at public universities only equal a year of pay; state Sen. Donne Trotter (D-Chicago) who is a Chicago State University alum; and Maudlyne Ihejirika, the Chicago Sun-Times urban affairs reporter and assistant city editor."

Marin pressed points, followed up on questions, and showed limited toleration for obfuscation. See the broadcast link:

No board members or members of the CSU administration cared (or dared) to participate. CSU's de facto president, Angela Henderson, is undoubtedly too busy calling the shots just as Big Daddy Wayne hoped she would. Is it true she just fired the recently hired Enrollment Management VP Michael Ellison?  Is it true Wayne never vacated his pied a terre in the library? Now with Calhoun gone he can discontinue his midnight prowlings.

NOTE to the disingenuous prevaricators on the CSU Board of Trustees: it is not only the students and faculty who are disgusted by your actions.  From CBSLocal news:  "Better Government Association executive director Andy Shaw said the situation [at CSU] demands an investigation. 'It’s hard to understand why he [Calhoun] would get any kind of severance or golden parachute. There are a lot of unanswered questions here, and I think before we reach a final conclusion, we need to know what went down,' he said."

Did anyone say forensic audit?


  1. Carol Marin and Bob Bionaz were awesome!

    Sen. Trotter hadn't even properly memorized the lines fed to him by the CSU cronies.

    1. But, he wore the bow tie that Watson gave him well.