Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The Board Gets Rid of the President, the Management Action Committee and the University Advisory Committee on Friday: Senior Administrators Will be Able to Continue the Destruction of CSU

In perhaps the most disgraceful episode in the sorry history of this school, our God awful Board has turned over the University to the Watson cronies who have done so much to destroy the school. On Friday, the Board will articulate the "separation agreement" with President Calhoun and will name an interim president. The Board will also disband the Management Action Committee. No need when the Watson cronies are firmly in place. In effect, the University will loose all claim to viability at that time. That's the legacy of this Board of Trustees: Anthony Young, Spencer Leak, Horace Smith, Nikki Zollar, James Joyce, Michael Curtin, and Marshall Hatch. If there's a worse Board in the country, I have no idea where it is. Here's the agenda for Friday's meeting:


  1. A sad, sad, day.
    Michael Sukowski, Director--CTRE

  2. Prediction:

    The four reverends on the board, together with Rauner's friends, Rev. Corey Brooks and Rev. James Meeks, will buy the campus for a fraction of its value ($50 million?) and plop a Bible college on the site. Of course, it would be a non-profit so they would not benefit personally.