Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Let the Speculation Begin

So the first Board meeting of the semester is to be held Friday September 16th, in the Library Auditorium. Given how awful this year has been for the university, I am curious what the Board might do regarding the continued employment of the President, the continuation of the financial exigency, the operation of the Management Action Committee, the 12th consecutive semester of enrollment decline, the decimation of the work force and the preparation for the Higher Learning Commission visit in a few months. Did the Board conclude at its self assessment last week that it had in fact, wrongly declared exigency leading to a sanction from the HLC? Did the Board recognize that it had unfairly shackled the chief executive of the university, preventing him from managing the financial crisis facing the institution? Did they become aware of the significance of the HLC sanction and realize that it was the absence of planning on their watch that led directly to this self inflicted embarrassment? Or did they dedicate their efforts elsewhere to find a pretext to precipitate Dr. Calhoun's ouster?

Yes, loyal readers, it appears that an extra-contractual performance review has given the Board justification to negotiate a buyout of the President's contract after less than nine months on the job and really only one month as President. It appears #CSUClowncar is motoring along at full speed.

Now I might completely misunderstand what's going on with the Board. My distinguished colleague is much more sanguine about the Board's upcoming actions as evidenced in the previous post. I am much more cynical. So what will the Board focus its attention on at its next meeting? Will it be continuing what could be described as a coverup of the years of Watson's failure and misconduct or might they be moving to actually clean up the notorious patronage pit otherwise known as Chicago State University by dissolving the MAC, empowering the President and moving out of the way?
Stay tuned for the next episode.

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