Thursday, September 15, 2016

CSU Board Scrutinized on Chicago Tonight--Even Rauner grits his teeth and weighs in

The hardest hitting coverage of the Board's scandalous politically-motivated ouster of the 9-month long presidency of Thomas Calhoun came tonight from reporter Paris Schutz on Chicago Tonight. See the video link of the coverage below. Has the Board finally overplayed their Watsonian hand? There does not seem to be a lot of popular support on campus.or dare I say, IN THE COMMUNITY, for removing a president who never had a chance to be a president.

And, maybe, finally, it seems that the press or others will look at the money that this board has sent down the drain caving into the whims of Wayne Watson and his vendettas. Do you board members think you won't have to answer to the state about all those law firms you let the university hire to defend to the death your buddy who has proved to be so feckless, not to mention reckless?  You've proved your loyalty to your old friend, albeit in a warped way, so it's time you let Wayne and the Waynettes stop playing school. Wayne's got all the money out of the system that he can possibly need, he's goldened parachuted, he's not in prison in spite of skating on thin ice, he remains the teflon man. You did your due diligence as his good cronies. Time to think about your own legacy here.

If you Board members are not already abed, there still may be time for you to turn this Calhoun thing around. Besides, Wayne and the Waynettes, who is backing you up on this? Are you really unable to see the damage that your previous inaction and now this last despicable action has caused to CSU?

Please, there are people praying for you to make this right.

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