Monday, September 19, 2016

No Confidence in Chicago State Trustees

This is the "no confidence" declaration currently circulating among CSU staff and faculty. If anyone associated with the University wishes to sign this, e-mail me at I plan to drop this off today at the governor's office in the Thompson Center.

September 17, 2016

Dear Governor Rauner:

Yesterday, Nikki Zollar, Anthony Young, James Joyce, Spencer Leak, Marshall Hatch, and Horace Smith of the Chicago State Board of Trustees terminated the services of President Thomas J. Calhoun after he had spent only 8 and one-half months on the job. As a condition of the “separation” agreement between the Board and the President, the departing President will receive $600,000 in severance over the next two years. The Board members gave no reason for their termination decision.

These Board members took this feckless and fiscally irresponsible action despite overwhelming support for Dr. Calhoun from all parts of the University. They betrayed the students, staff, faculty, and alumni of Chicago State. They betrayed community members who support this University. They betrayed each and every constituent group desiring to see fundamental change in the way this University does business. Finally, against the backdrop of purported “financial exigency,” their profligate commitment of hundreds of thousands of dollars to pay for two presidents for the next two years betrayed the taxpayers of Illinois.

Given the appalling disregard for both the public good and the well-being of Chicago State University exhibited by these six Board members, the staff and faculty of this school declare that we have “no confidence” in them. We demand that they resign. If they will not, we ask that you immediately remove Nikki Zollar, Anthony Young, James Joyce, Spencer Leak, Marshall Hatch, and Horace Smith from the Chicago State University Board of Trustees before they are able to further damage our University.

Yours truly,

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