Thursday, September 22, 2016

They Don't Know When to Shut Up: The Worst University Board of Trustees in the Country Digs a Deeper Hole

Look at this ridiculous, insulting, mewling memorandum from our clueless Board. Remember back to Friday when they kicked the students, staff, faculty, alumni, community, and Illinois taxpayers in the teeth? Now the Board wants us to forget all that and pay attention to what they now say. Here are some of the excerpts: "we are all prepared to move forward to reimagine a future with Chicago State University as a flagship institution of higher education in an urban setting." Or "We have a steady hand at the helm. We shall overcome!" Or, how about this bullshit. "we know we could not have opened the doors of CSU this semester without the help of our proud and dedicated students." Read the memo for yourself and decide on your favorite hypocritical passage. At the board meeting Friday, Kelly Harris reminded the board that they were "insulting our intelligence." This memorandum is simply disgraceful, an insult to the intelligence of everyone in our university community. Seriously, after you've done something this destructive and stupid, you should just shut up about it. Who writes this stuff?