Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Presidency Through Surrogates: Make Angela Henderson de facto President, and Insure Wayne Watson's continued Influence

While we try to avoid dealing in rumors on this forum, I have to say that one name is surfacing fairly frequently when people talk about the possible replacement for President Calhoun: Cecil Lucy, Interim VP of Administration and Finance, MAC member and stalwart ally of Angela Henderson and Renee Mitchell. With the caveat that this information is not independently verified, what might it mean? First, Mr. Lucy has absolutely no experience or qualifications that would recommend him as a good choice to lead any university, especially one suffering the misery of Chicago State. Second, since he has no experience or qualifications, who will actually be running the show here? My suggestion is that when Mr. Lucy speaks, it will actually be Angela Henderson talking. Third, taking this thought to its logical conclusion, when Angela Henderson speaks, it is actually Wayne Watson talking. So why didn't our Board simply bring the former President back for another disastrous turn? Is the destruction of Chicago State not yet complete?

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  1. What other conclusion can there be except that Chicago State University is not intended to serve students, but the needs of the local politicians and their friends who pass it around to each other like a football? The faculty and students learned this lesson several years ago when Gov Quinn stepped in to stop the then Board of Trustees from unseating the scandal-ridden president Wayne Watson. Now Wayne's Board of Trustees is stepping in to oust a president in order to preserve Wayne's incompetent patronage hires that have brought CSU so low. What possible p.r. (or b.s.) can Sabrina Land, FOA, come up with to encourage the community, the students, and the faculty? How about the taxpaying public that is going to have to pony up for another search not to mention paying out an ex-president while paying an interim president to take over? How many days do you think CSU has left after someone finally tallies up the damage this board has done?