Friday, October 3, 2014

Thomas Wogan Says What We All Already Know: Some Persons are Damaging the University's Image

This communication from Thomas Wogan came last night. Before I discuss his memorandum, I think it is important to note that he no longer works for the folks at Enrollment Management. Mr. Wogan now works directly for Watson in the President’s Office. Thus, he is certainly in a position to know “insider” things. He makes a number of important points in his recent dispatch.

In his third paragraph, Mr. Wogan observes that “several of these negative stories that damage our (Chicago State’s) reputation have been and continue to be generated not just by a few reporters who engage in typical yellow journalism, but instead by some who are part of our own community.” In the first paragraph on page 2, Mr. Wogan notes the existence at Chicago State of “a select few employees who are grasping for ways to damage our reputation in order to fulfill their own agenda.” He continues his brilliant analysis on page 2’s second paragraph, writing that “CSU’s name will be mentioned in a negative tone on a news station and the damage from that can be directly attributed to a small sect of individuals who have little regard for CSU’s reputation or image.”

I agree completely with Mr. Wogan’s analysis. However, he neglects to mention which individuals he believes are damaging the university’s image and tarnishing its “brand.” In a modest attempt to flesh out Mr. Wogan’s argument, here are the “select few” who I believe have generated most of the “negative stories,” and “damage[ed] our reputation,” while displaying “little regard for CSU’s reputation or image.”

First, we have this fellow:

As we all know, his capacity for generating embarrassing and negative news reports is unparallelled in academia. Just a few samples: his administration's past and current efforts to stifle free expression on campus which have generated and continue to generate embarrassment and national ridicule for Chicago State, his dishonesty--noted by a judge (and jury) in the Cook County Circuit Court which, when coupled with his administrative misconduct and vindictiveness, has already cost the university more than $3.8 million, an amount that continues to increase.

Then there's this person:

While a comparative piker compared to our first subject, this individual has done Chicago State proud by plagiarizing her doctoral dissertation then suing the university that granted her degree. The stories about these events have certainly presented Chicago State in a somewhat unflattering light. During her tenure as Vice President of Enrollment Management, the university's enrollment dropped nearly 15 percent.

Finally, flying under the radar, at least as far as a public presence is concerned, we have this administrator:

Her main qualification for her original entry-level senior management position at Chicago State was apparently her personal relationship with Watson. Moving into Enrollment Management as one of its top administrators in 2010, she has been (along with the two persons previously mentioned), one of the chief architects of the enrollment disaster that has befallen Chicago State. Of course, she lied about her educational credentials when she applied for employment in 2009, an action that proved no impediment to either her hiring or her subsequent promotions.

Given his incisive investigative skills, I encourage Tom Wogan to continue his efforts to expose those persons who are so severely damaging the reputation of the school "for which we all care so deeply." After this courageous memorandum, I worry about his future here. Most important, Mr. Wogan's fearless memorandum provides a valuable insight into his character and integrity.


  1. Governors State University just granted tenure and promoted a person who, like one of your gang, lied about credentials and cheated in the online doctoral study that the person STILL calls a dissertation.

    So, you at CSU are not alone.

    1. The fact that someone in another university does the same thing is small comfort. I'd be interested in the particulars if you're so inclined. I can be reached at

  2. Wow! Who would've thunk it!!! Wogan finally stops telling Wayne's lies and tells the truth for once. I didn't picture him as the caped crusader type but if he is going to call out those in the regime who are damaging our reputation, then I will make his cape for him. Kudos to Mr. Wogan, "Cap'n SaveCSU', for exposing Wayne, Angela, Cheri and, don't forget, Patrick Cage for the damage they are doing our university. Bravo, Tom!!

    1. There's no doubt about it Pancho, he's a real hero for exposing those charlatans.

  3. Outstanding job Tom! Thanks for clearing up who the real culprits are who are damaging the university. Sadly, there seems to have been too much focus on personality and little examination of truth. Are the negative stories that populate the press true? If so, as seekers of truth, we should be satisfied with their publication shouldn't we? I stand with my colleagues in recognizing Tom Wogan's courage.

  4. There is a very simple solution to stifling the bad publicity that CSU generates. Stop doing stuff that generates bad publicity. I truly believe that when CSU stops doing shady stuff, when the President Watson and Board Chair Anthony Young stop using the university as a patronage pit, stop thinking of this as their "right" to plunder instead of privilege to serve then people will listen to CSU's p.r. This is a state-funded institution and it must be responsible and held accountable to the taxpayers of this state for the actions or non-action of its Board of Trustees and administration. If journalists, yellow or not (who uses that term any more? I thought it went out with Teddy Roosevelt) focus on the egregious actions of the administration, at least it shows someone cares about accountability. If the board of trustees or the administration or the pols who have their paws on this place really cared about the students and the stakeholders it would be a radically different place with radically different publicity. And Tom Wogan, before you send out memos to the faculty, know your audience. We don't fall for your p.r. verbiage that easily. You are fooling none of us with this sanctimonious pontification. Save it for "the community stakeholders" who want so desperately to believe it. And for the record, we are a university first, not a family.