Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Results of Recent Survey on the Leadership of Wayne Watson and Angela Henderson

Here are the results of the recently conducted survey of tenured faculty. The survey asked respondents to indicate whether they supported (confidence) or did not support (no confidence) Wayne Watson and Angela Henderson. There was also a third option: no opinion or do not care. Altogether, 56 of 128 persons responded to the survey (43.75%).

For Wayne Watson, 2 expressed support, 53 expressed no support, 1 person had no opinion/did not care.
For Angela Henderson, 1 expressed support, 52 expressed no support, 3 persons had no opinion/did not care.

Thus, 94.6 percent of tenured faculty who responded to the survey expressed no support in Wayne Watson while 92.9 percent of that group expressed no support for Angela Henderson. Thanks to everyone who took the time to participate.

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