Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Cyber-Bullying (and Harrassment) Policy Comes to Chicago State. Of Course, Only for the Subalterns

Guess what that "distinguished" board of trustees did when they had time to conduct business other than choking out students who had the temerity to challenge Wayne Watson on May 9? They waived the third reading and passed that nine-page cyber-bullying policy. If you are interested in the discussion and the amazingly inarticulate (but painfully and amateurishly pedantic as always) remarks of our faux president, go to the board section of the CSU web site and open the meeting recordings. The discussion of the policy and its passage begins around the forty-minute mark of the first recorded segment. I wonder how the administration will use this new weapon in their war against free expression? What do you think?

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  1. Well, I guess the story goes that Wayne got the board he wanted from Donny Trotter. We have to realize that there really is no chance for this university to function as anything other than a place by and for a few politicians and their patronage appointments. Last year when we had about as close to an independently operating board of trustees as we ever had you know what happened to them. They were taken out by the Governor and replaced with "a board that Wayne could work with." That HLC has no teeth to effect any kind of change in light of how politically wrapped up we are and in spite of all kinds of verbiage about the independent operation and oversight of a university it accredits or that "shared governance" (haven't heard that term in a long long time since it died on this campus long ago) is supposed to exist in tangible ways. I hope whoever is writing the HLC report due on June 1st includes this latest assault on "communication" in the communication section. CSU will never be better and never allowed to be all that it could be because we are not supposed to be. It took me 17 years to realize this, but I learned it last year. All the efforts, "all the good things we do," will never amount to anything as long as we cannot cut the head off the political patronage machine. It's really been a kafkaesque experience. Oh, btw, were any other students jailed at the big event on campus today?