Monday, May 12, 2014

Holy Injunctive, Declaratory, and Monetary Relief Batman!!!

So the  long journey of this failed administration continues. After the arrest of one student on Friday at the Board of Trustees meeting, a current and a former student have filed suit in federal court to stop the madness that has become Chicago State University. In the 36 page filing, the plaintiffs allege a number of illegal acts on the part of senior administration officials including Patrick Cage, Matoya Marsh and Angela  Henderson. The seven count filing requests relief from the court in a number of areas including compensatory and punitive damages. The facts as laid out in the complaint are disturbing and yet not surprising as my colleagues and I have been reporting on this misconduct for several years. At some point, someone in this state is  going to tap out and say enough is enough. Unfortunately, it is likely going to be too late to save the university  from declining enrollment, negative publicity and a 135% increase in spending by the legal department since 2009. That this lawsuit comes the week of commencement, when the university should be celebrating its students not answering questions raised in this suit, also saddens me. How do faculty explain to students and each other why this behavior is continuing? Yes, I know I should have said alleged behavior, but some of the facts presented by the plaintiffs are facts, not allegations. It is sort of like plagiarism. Plagiarism isn't  alleged, it just is. And how much more will the cost of the legal office grow as a result of this lawsuit, for loyal readers, you and I both know this won't be the last lawsuit alleging misconduct by this administration.

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