Monday, March 23, 2015

Have You Had Enough Yet?

Welcome back from our spring break. Given recent events, I would like to pose several questions to all Chicago State faculty, students and staff. Have you had enough yet? Enough administrative scandals? Enough administrative incompetence? Enough administrative corruption? Enough of our administrators’ “ethics”?

Since Chicago State is currently under pressure to reduce salary expenditures, here are my nominations for employees to be discharged in order to save the university money. I think the reasons for these selections apparent, so I will not elaborate on them; save to say that for most of these persons, we now know how they spend their time and our tax dollars. The list, with last known salary included:

Wayne Watson $199,500
Angela Henderson $225,000
Patrick Cage $155,004
Renee Mitchell $144,996
Bernetta Bush $85,000
Cheri Sidney $113,304
Thomas Wogan $85,008
Robin Hawkins $110,004
Farah Muscadin $102,000

The total salary saving achieved by discharging these nine employees comes to $1,219,816—not enough to satisfy Rauner’s ravenous appetite, but a nice start. For those of you who might shrink at such a drastic culling of the upper administrative ranks, I argue that given their "performance" over the past 5-plus years and its demonstrable effect on the university, we might actually experience an increase in administrative effectiveness if all their positions were vacant.


  1. Keep in mind that Judge Bush is part-time for $85,000.

    These same individuals considered Haki Madhubuti's position a waste of precious resources.

  2. What does the "Ethics and Diversity Officer and Special Counsel to the President " actually do to warrant $85,000 a year in a part-time role? Especially, as monitoring the ethics of this administration alone would seem to be a full-time job and then some.

  3. She keeps really busy offering to file false harassment charges against faculty members who don't like this administration.