Friday, April 4, 2014

Repression at CSU Forum, Wednesday, April 9, 6pm, Library Auditorium

Repression at CSU has reached an all-time high recently as Wayne’s office continues to stifle dissent and free speech rights.  This school year Wayne and his team of crack lawyers (how many lawyers do the people of Illinois now employ at CSU?) attempted to shut down the faculty blog and the Faculty Senate, engaged in smear campaigns against vocal faculty, had students bring bogus judicial charges against dissenting students, helped develop the “See Something, Say Something” classroom spying campaign, and continues to attempt to ruin the lives of one family by bringing judicial charges against them in the court system. 

This is just this school year!!

Wayne’s desire to control information about him and his minions has a long history at CSU beginning with his first semester here in 2009 and his  attack on Haki Madhubuti and the Gwendolyn Brooks Center.  The history of repression includes the Computer Usage Policy and the Communications Policy; both of which would have suspended free speech rights on campus and made CSU a laughingstock of the academy.  The powers that be at CSU are not afraid to use good ol’ physical intimidation tactics either.  Vocal students and faculty have been threatened and intimidated.

We as an academic community should not stand for this type of bullying tactic from Wayne’s Gang.  We are all invited to learn more about the numerous cases of repression on this campus from students, faculty and staff willing to stick their necks out so that all of us can have a better institution.  Join courageous students and fed-up faculty for a forum on Repression at CSU and let Wayne and the Gang know that our voices will not be silenced!!

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