Thursday, March 6, 2014

Bits and Pieces: As if you need a reason NOT to vote for Gov. Quinn; and look what they do at other universities when administrators, um, you know...

I'm just passing along a few links that some colleagues have forwarded this week.

In case you missed the Tribune's weekend editorial on whether or not to vote for Gov Quinn, one of the reasons not to
...The list of poor judgments, often for political ends, is lengthy: Quinn has sought favor from south suburban voters by committing public money to a future Illiana Expressway that stands to be an unneeded boondoggle. The governor's mishandling of board appointments aborted efforts to bring new leadership to chronically troubled Chicago State University on the city's South Side...,0,4544597.story

And I guess things are more cut and dried at Kean University in NJ. They dispatched this administrator pretty quickly for something that really is, well, pretty cut and dried.

CSU BOARD OF TRUSTEES MEETING is Friday--all day in the Library Auditorium. Public comment is the time to express your concerns to them (whether they listen is another question, nevertheless...)


  1. In North Carolina's Community College System, everyone who full-time gets a title (assistant dean of assistant deans, imperial wizard of instructional technology, etc.). Nepotism would be a big improvement.

  2. Just imagine what Mr. Academic Rigor, our caricature of a university president would do in the same set of circumstances. If it were an administrator or faculty member he liked, no problem, lie and cheat all you want. Of course, for someone on the outs, lower the boom!

  3. so, as I've posted before, we should bring our issues to the gubernatorial candidates to determine which one will address them properly and to our satisfaction; which one isn't afraid to publicly address our issues. then vote for that person!! and 'it ain't quinn'!! although pumpkin (wayne) continues to say that this is a few professors who are maintaining this fight, it is still a PUBLIC fight in a GOVERNMENTAL institution paid with GOVERNMENT dollars!!!

  4. One of the ways in which an administration bent on harming any faculty member can do his or her nasty work is to use an existing threat assessment 'team', a group mandated by law for all Illinois public colleges and universities.
    Chicago State has a Campus Violence Prevention Plan (CVPP), a Campus Violence Prevention Committee (CVPC), and the Behavioral Assessment & Intervention Team (GAIT).
    Check out these groups, especially BAIT. Who is on it? Faculty? I did not see any faculty but could have made a mistake.
    Check out the system for reporting a 'dangerous' person to the powers-that-be.
    Check out the possible aftermath of such a report and action on the part of the BAIT.

    So, lowering the boom, as you noted would be easy to do by using this BAIT group.

  5. A recent discussion about Daylight Savings Time in the New York Time offers an interesting insight into the very bad behavior by Li’l Wayne. David T. Wagner and Christopher M Barnes describe their research regarding the effects of the loss of one hour’s sleep each spring: “In fact, we have conducted additional research that suggests workers with inadequate sleep are likely to be less ethical, less morally aware, more prejudiced and more apt to engage in abusive supervision.”

    So there you are. Li’l Wayne needs to go down for a nap. Once the little tyke has gotten some rest, the tantrums, the lashing out, the incoherent
    screaming should disappear. (Don’t forget to put his doll in the crib with him. He can’t sleep without it.)
    From The Economic Toll of Lost Sleep, Dr. David T. Wagner, Dr. Christopher M. Barnes New York Times, March 6, 2014, Room for Debate,