Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tomorrow: The First Day for the New CSU Foundation

Since we are supposed to have a new CSU Foundation in place tomorrow, I have some questions. 1) Where should a potential donor send a check? 2) Will any donation made to CSU after today be a charitable contribution? 3) Does CSU's new foundation have its 501(c)(3) designation in place for the opening of business tomorrow? 4) Who is the new head of the new CSU Foundation? What is going to happen to the current foundation employees?


  1. Holy botched contract severances Batman! I would also like to know how the assets were distributed and how much the endowment is for the university as of the start of business tomorrow. I would imagine the assets haven't been distributed and the university's endowment is now ZERO. Thanks Board of Trustees.

  2. 1. Donations should be sent to Wayne Watson at Chicago State University 9501 S King Dr. Chicago, Il 60628

    Make donations payable to Citizens United to Save Humanity. It is mandatory that you shorten that to its initials: C.A.S.H.