Friday, June 19, 2015

More New Vice Presidents at Cesspool State

Here at Chicago State University, the destination of choice for redundant administrators, we do not have any money for salaries, except when we do. We are particularly interested in creating as many vice presidential positions as possible. This summer, our administration has operated in relative secret, adding one new vice presidential position, filling another that has been vacant for about a year and moving quickly to replace the retiring police chief. I know that Farah Muscadin has been promoted to the newly created (just for her) position of Associate Vice President of Student Affairs. I imagine she received a hefty salary increase to go along with her shiny new title. We also apparently are now the proud employers of a new Vice President for Enrollment Management (identity unknown), a position that has been vacant since Lashondra Peebles' termination last year. Finally, the new Chief of Police (again identity unknown), apparently started recently. I would estimate that the total cost for salaries and raises for these three positions to be in the neighborhood of $400,000 for these positions, with about $175,000 in new salary expenditures. This at a time when Watson sends memos about the dire budget situation.

Of course, here at Chicago State, we always have money for administrative personnel and it seems likely that more low-salaried employees will be jettisoned to make room for the salaries these new hires will be paid. Most interesting is the administration's decision not to announce these hirings. Is that the transparency about which Watson constantly bloviates? By my count, we're now up to more than a dozen vice presidents. Why? What do they all do?

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