Thursday, June 25, 2015

Just Curious

So I spent five hours at the Board of Trustees meeting today and at least one interesting thing happened that I can't quite explain. If anyone out there can provide some clarity I would certainly appreciate it. 
The background is this. The Board went into executive session and when they returned there were two items to be voted on in open session. The first was pro forma, namely keeping the executive session meeting minutes from the past four board meetings confidential. The second item that apparently had a resolution, though not provided to the public, was "to increase the spending limit for certain litigation." All board members dutifully voted for the increase and the university is now able to spend more money on university litigation. 
Does that mean that the limit was increased, read eliminated, so as not to be a limit or was there a dollar limit on the spending on certain litigation? It wasn't clear as there "resolution" was not read into the record. I am a bit confused as I don't possess special administrative knowledge.
Thoughts, anyone???

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  1. The implication is the Board of Trustees voted to cover up certain misconduct. "It Is not the act(s) itself, but those who lie and cover up that creates the biggest problem" (Dr. Phil McGraw).

    If the Board's resolution is not covering up, they would hide nothing from public. Public universities run on federal and. state tax dollars and therefore financial decisions require transparency under law and those hiding financial decisions in dirty dark corners need to be called out. Governor Quinn did his job when he investigated dirty secret wrong decisions at UICC and subsequently demanded resignation of all Board members post haste. It is time for CSU Board to be held accountable and disgraced for voting to coverup indefensible wrong decisions.